Many years ago I become fascinated by the EU-projects where partners from different countries work together, supplementing each other with their particular experience and knowledge. Compared to projects with partners only from one country, the EU-projects can give the participants an added value. For this to happen some requirements have to be fulfilled. The project-theme must be of interest for all participants, represent a job they have to do in any case and include a political perspective they share. Then it must be shown that organizing the job as a EU-project will give each of the partners a better result than they can achieve working alone. Because the administration of EU-projects is complicated and bureaucratic and working across borders are expensive and time consuming, it should also be very clear that the expected gain will be high enough.

This blog will handle the EU as one big project. The fundamental questions are:

Is EU an important balanced governance system, which gives a Europe with many small countries a much needed added value in many areas ? Or is it an undemocratic, power grabbing system for big government, complicated and corruption-vulnerable, which produce politics the member states either can make better themselves or don`t need at all ?

It is both. A mix. Therefore it is important to follow and discuss how the union proceeds also for Norway, which as an EFTA EEA member have to implement much of the unions politics without being able to fully participate in the political processes.

I am a political scientist, living in Sarpsborg, Norway. Work experience from public administration, consultancy, research and studies.

Comments to posts are very welcome. Please feel free to be engaged, enthusiastic and polite.

Tron Lande Andersen

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